Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dubstep Tuesday!

Borgore-"Foes"(16Bit remix)

Borgore-"Cry Me A River" (shit gets funky)

Cragga-"Mr.Postman" (wowwww)

Rusko-"Cockney Thug"(I just love the intro to this one)

Mt.Eden- Sigur Ros "Saeglopur"(kinda cool,slow dub)

Skream-"Stagger" (this is wierd)


girlfacedana said...

whoa 6 tuesdays worth of dubstep!
the Mr. Postman remix is awesome!

Sam Spina said...

i think dubstep is forever ruined for me because it's all the d-bags i work with talk about. i hear "yo just when that bass drops it's like shiiiiiiiiTT! like it's all like WAH-WAH-WHOOOOOOO-WAH, y'know bro, like it's just so grimey!" over and over when i'm at work and i just can't help but associate the music with that image. but that sigor ros song is dope!

Chip said...

i love the mr. postman one. so ill. haha

and sam, i'm sorry the douche bags at your work ruined dubstep for you. that's a bummer. but i'm glad you like one of the songs at least!