Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best Friend

Seata Seata this is for you.

Also, new Department of Eagles video out today. The song is called "1997." It will not be on the new album which is released on October 7th.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mixed-Up Martin(8!)/The Weekend

Went to Charleston over the weekend to visit my beautiful. Wreaked havoc around the city with some friends on our bikes and also rode Critical Mass on Friday. Overall a great time.

The Heist and The Accomplice is supposedly going to get their music video up on Pitchfork.tv.Great news for them.

Here's a video of some guys mashing with Lance Armstrong in Austin, Texas. Kind of boring if you don't enjoy watching some guys haul ass on their fixies but I enjoy it.

Also, a friend told me about this type of graffiti called reverse graffiti in which some guys just run around with pressure washers or just a rag and go to dirty walls in urban areas and do their artwork on the dirty areas. It's a good way to clean up cities and to keep graffiti artists out of trouble. Here's two videos of it:

I also found a pretty rad video of some light graffit:

Oh and while on the topic of graffiti whoever writes "ACE" in Charleston please stop writing cause you're fucking awful and your "toyish" tag is up everywhere and is quite the eye sore. So, please FUCK OFF.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The last couple of days has been filled with Grizzly Bear playing nonstop. Don't know why I overlooked them in the past. I could never really connect with Yellow House but after giving it another listen nearly two years after its release I'm fascinated with it. I can't wait for their new album,whenever it comes out, cause the two new songs theu have put up (one of them being the video above) have been phenomenal.

Here's a video from my friends band called The Heist and the Accomplice. In my opinion one of the only true talented bands in South Carolina at the moment. All members coming from Columbia(Sc) the band is super catchy and very hard to put into one genre. Also, the leader singer and the lead guitarist both have their own solo projects which are even better than the band in my opinion. Here is the head singer's,Chaz, side project toro y moi. Check em out.

In other news, Arsenal cruised to a stunning 6-0 win over Sheffield United yesterday. Arsene Wenger fielded the youngest squad ever with an average of just 19. Carlos Vela had a hat trick while Nicolas Bendnter had two goals and Jack Wilshire(just 16 years of age) got on the score sheet as well. Here are some highlights from the match:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Used to Be

Baltimore duo Beach House released a new single that will be released October 21st on Carpark Records. The track is called "Used to Be." Here's a listen:

Used to Be - Beach House

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Pink Fall

Listened to Music from Big Pink today by the Band. Great album.Here is an incredible version of the Weight from the Last Waltz.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Couple of Birds

Department of Eagles - "In Ear Park" (DUMBO Session) from gorillavsbear.net on Vimeo.

Really feeling the Department of Eagles new stuff as of late.It's the side project of Grizzly Bear member Daniel Rossen.Their new Lp comes out October 7th on 4AD.

Can check out their stuff HERE

ALSO: Gunners sailed to a 3-1 victory of Bolton today. They are now at the top of the Premier League table!