Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mixed-Up Martin(8!)/The Weekend

Went to Charleston over the weekend to visit my beautiful. Wreaked havoc around the city with some friends on our bikes and also rode Critical Mass on Friday. Overall a great time.

The Heist and The Accomplice is supposedly going to get their music video up on news for them.

Here's a video of some guys mashing with Lance Armstrong in Austin, Texas. Kind of boring if you don't enjoy watching some guys haul ass on their fixies but I enjoy it.

Also, a friend told me about this type of graffiti called reverse graffiti in which some guys just run around with pressure washers or just a rag and go to dirty walls in urban areas and do their artwork on the dirty areas. It's a good way to clean up cities and to keep graffiti artists out of trouble. Here's two videos of it:

I also found a pretty rad video of some light graffit:

Oh and while on the topic of graffiti whoever writes "ACE" in Charleston please stop writing cause you're fucking awful and your "toyish" tag is up everywhere and is quite the eye sore. So, please FUCK OFF.


Seata said...

you're such a mixed up martin!

Samantha said...

i miss you